This video was the very first one I made using the Canon 7D so I wanted to share. You can ignore the B Creative Productions in the beginning. That was going to be the name of my company but I couldn’t get the domain name so B Squared Media was the alternative. Now you know part of the story of how I can up with the name. Maybe in a future post I will share the whole story. Until then you will just have to wait and wonder.

All footage shot on a Canon 7D 18-135mm IS lens. Edited in FCP and color corrected using Magic Bullet Looks. Since this was the first time using the 7D I wanted to push the limit on its low light capabilities. ISO’s used were 800 – 3200. The image was pretty grainy at 3200 but it works when viewing on a small screen.

All shots were done hand held using a Zacuto Z-finder. If you use a video DSLR to shoot video, I strongly recommend getting one, it really helps steady the shot.

I am very happy with the 7D and I the images it produces. This video was made for my dad for his birthday which just happens to be New Years’ Eve.

I hope you enjoy.

Music: Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla