We all know that social media has taken the world by storm. Along with it, the amount of video content that has surfaced on the internet on sites like Vimeo and YouTube is staggering. In fact, in a recent issue of Bloomberg Business week, the current CEO Verizon was quoted an saying “90 percent of the traffic on the Internet in five years will be video.” That’s a lot of video that we as consumers can…well…consume. This information will be streamed, beamed and zapped to us on every computer, TV, laptop, smart phone, tablet, and any other portable device that may be available at that time.

The point of all this is that we are happening upon a momentous shift in the way we operate on the internet, as individuals and as businesses. What this does for us as creatives, businesses, or talent, is that it has made the world a smaller place and it has made it easier to be discovered. Good things are on the horizon when one person and one camera can explode virtually overnight as an Internet sensation. Wait…that has already happened, and in fact several times over. One of these Internet sensations caught my eye over that past year. Who am I talking about? None other than Keenan Cahill. If you don’t know who I’m talking about you can check out his YouTube page here. Keenan does nothing more but video himself lip syncing to songs. Maybe now you know who I’m talking about.

Keenan started out sitting in front of his computer and shooting himself lip syncing to music; it later evolved into a full on lip syncing routine. What’s crazy is that he blew up all over the Internet, and appeared on the TV show Chelsea Lately, where he ended up in a lip syncing video with 50 Cent. I know! Crazy, right? Well, it didn’t stop there. His latest video is with world renowned Dj David Guetta.

You never know what can happen if you put it on the Internet, so go out and shoot something fun and share it with the world! Anyways, that’s enough from me. Here is the latest video from Keenan featuring David Guetta.