I don’t know what your setup is and how many computers you use throughout your work day, but I use two. I have a 15″ Mac Book Pro and a Mac Pro with a 23″ Cinema HD display. Currently I use a KVM so when I switch back and forth between computers I can use the same display, keyboard and mouse. As you could probably guess, I use my Mac Pro for mainly video editing, and while video is processing or rendering, I switch to the Mac Book Pro to work on anything else I have going on. Why am I telling you this? Well, for the longest time I would manually switch my headphones and/or speakers between these two computers, and it would drive me nuts! Now I know this might not be a problem for some of you, but I’m sure there are others out there, like me, that go crazy switching all of their audio inputs. Well folks, you can rest easy now because I found a solution, and it works really well!

I spent some time searching the internet trying to find a solution, that’s when I came across www.electronicsUSA.com . They sell two devices that when connected together, do exactly what I want them to do, share a set of headphones and speakers between two computers. Hooray!!

The MK5 allows you to connect a set of headphones and speakers to one computer, which then you just have to flip the switch back and forth to select which one you want to use.

The MK7 allows you to connect a set of speakers between two computers, but when you run the output of the MK7 into the input of the MK5 you can easily switch between both computers and audio device.

The only issues I have encountered was that I had a bit of ground noise with my laptop, but that was easily fixed when I purchased a ground loop isolator for Radio Shack. Once everything was connected I only noticed I slight decrease in volume output, which is probably due to all the connections and having to run the audio through two boxes, but nothing that I have found to be troublesome. Overall, I am very happy that I have found this solution, and I hope that this may help someone else out there as well.