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The Power of Social in Social Media
Social media has allowed us to be closer to each other, even if we are still many miles apart. Don’t discount the power of social media to precipitate real-life business relationships.

I got emails that night from other friends offering me moral support, connections with editors I might freelance for and other assistance. In several cases, I didn’t even know these people’s real names – maybe a first name, but in some cases not even that. I knew them by their online handles. What was really cool? It didn’t matter – they just wanted to help.
I’ve never been so humbled as I was in those first couple of weeks after being laid off. I realized there was this huge community of people out there who were just filled with awesome. People I’d never have known if it hadn’t been for social media.

How to Turn Social Media Followers Into Revenue
The difference between a traditional sales lead model and a social media sales lead model means you have to make it easy for your fans and followers to buy from you. Don’t put up roadblocks or make your potential customer jump through a lot of “clicks”.

The first step is to make it very easy to buy. Seriously, it’s not rocket science. Yet companies everywhere are putting serious roadblocks to buying their products and services on social channels.
They expect fans, followers and connections to scour their website and figure out how to buy. Think about the path to conversion, or the steps a buyer has to take to make a purchase if they are coming from the social channel.

5 Ways to Master Social Media Multitasking
As a business owner, managing your social media channels can be very time-consuming and overwhelming. Implementing these 5 tips can help you stay afloat. If you find you are still falling behind on your social media duties, contact us to see how we can help!

Try spending your limited time and resources investing in only the social media sites you know that your customers use. It can be better to build one or two strong profiles than to dilute your influence with a scattershot effort across four or five.

Once you determine which sites to be on, creating a social media content strategy can help you stay organized. Maybe you tweet only five times a day, post to Facebook once a day and update your business blog once a week. Laying out a strategy and sticking it to it can help take some of the haphazardness out of managing multiple social accounts.