I came across an article on LinkedIn awhile ago, and it got me thinking. Are home offices the future of business? And if so what is the perception from the client’s standpoint? For those that don’t need to interact with their clients on a personal level, face-to-face meetings, etc., I could see this being the way of the future. As long as you are being productive, the idea of setting your own schedule, no one looking over your shoulder, and working in your PJ’s is very appealing to some. However, what if you do have to interact with clients face-to-face? What is their perception of having to meet at your house versus an office? Maybe if you work for a large company and your home office is just an extension of home base, clients won’t mind. But what about those small businesses that work out of their homes as a choice, to keep overhead down and be more flexible with their clients? What’s the perception? Are clients ok with this or does it make them feel like they are dealing with less of company? I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about this. Let us know what you think about home offices in the comments section below.

Photo by Benjamin Thompson on flickr