Yesterday Facebook released its second app, Paper. After spending some time with it and getting used to its gesture based interface, I have to say, I really like it. I think Facebook has created a very nice looking, functional and sleek app.

Paper is set up similar to Flipboard but instead of aggregating all your social media, Paper focuses just on your Facebook feed. The first screen shows your main feed with all your friends posts. To select a post to read you simply slide your finger up and the post opens up. My favorite feature of Paper is the ability to select particular topics to follow. While on your home screen, if you slide to the left you can flip through posts on the topics you follow. For instance, I have selected to follow Tech, Exposure and Ideas to start off with. Now I can see posts about those topics without having to follow a bunch of different pages or people, it all gets aggregated into one stream.

So far I think Facebook has done a great job with this app. Time will tell if it will take off and become as popular as Facebook itself. In the meantime I will continue to explore the app see what other functions I can discover. To learn more about the app you can watch the video below or follow the links to other articles about Paper.



Mashable Paper vs Flipboard