Once upon a time, all you needed to succeed in business was a listing in the yellow pages and a quality product or service. Then came the web, and millions rushed to establish an online presence. One day, a little company named Google bought another little company named YouTube, and the way people tell their stories was forever changed. Google Search Results started prioritizing video content on websites, and all companies, large and small, realized that they had to incorporate video in their online presence in order to succeed. Who could companies turn to for help? First they went to marketing firms, but marketing firms didn’t produce videos. Then they went to production companies, but production companies couldn’t help with their marketing needs. Then along came B Squared Media, who fit just right.

B Squared Media is the total package: we bridge the gap between marketing and production, using websites, video, and social media to tell your story in the most cost effective manner. We specialize in working with you to create customized videos that will have maximum impact in delivering your marketing message. When you choose B Squared Media, you are getting both a video solution and a team that is dedicated to translating your business vision into a message that is accessible to your target customer.