Michael P. Buffa, Chief Storyteller
With a degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Rollins College, Michael appeared destined for a life in the corporate world. However, he couldn’t keep his passion for filmmaking under wraps, and he decided to combine his two loves, marketing and video production, into B Squared Media. If you would like to read the rest of Michael’s story, click here.

Laura Barbero-Buffa, Chief Problem Solver
Michael does the videos, Laura does everything else. She’s a production assistant, web developer, and social media expert rolled into one. She also makes a mean cup of coffee, and co-hosts Recipe Sunday on Crasstalk. Oh, and she has a BS/MS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, an MBA from Rollins College, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida.

We couldn’t do what we do without a few very special individuals with whom we collaborate on specific projects.

Cynthia Blackwell - BlackRain Partners
Cynthia Blackwell, BlackRain Partners

After having successfully raised six children, Cynthia knows better than most how to grow and sustain an organization: through strong relationships, even stronger communication skills, and an unwavering sense of humor. As a principal of BlackRain Partners, she is the driving force behind her clients achieving their financial goals.

Mike Buffa, Startups, Inc.
Mike Buffa, Startups, Inc.
Mike Buffa has founded and started up over a dozen companies that raised over $500M to include two private equity companies and two IPOs. He has served as Chairman, Board member, CEO and VP Marketing & Sales in both public and private companies and was previously cited in the Wall Street Journal as one of sixty-six CEOs “poised to lead business in the 90’s”.

Mara Shorr - The Leone Company
Mara Shorr, The Leone Company

Mara brings business experience ranging from television and radio to the arts, from festivals to fundraisers… and everything in between. Helping form collaborative relationships and creating killer fundraising plans make her tick. A proud Central Michigan University graduate with a communications degree, Mara enjoys racing library deadlines, walking her 122-pound rescue dog and desperately trying to keep an herb garden alive.